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Urgent update on Biometric Residence Permits Logo Urgent update on Biometric Residence Permits

April 20, 2015 | Posted in Immigration Law, News

The Home Office has issued further guidance.

1. Any school associated with the ISC may have the biometric permit cards delivered to school.

2. There are some requirements regarding BRP cards:

  • Secure keeping;
  • Access to limited staff;
  • Audit controls (record keeping details of cards received and then given to the student)

3. Schools will have to apply to receive biometric cards

4. For those not eligible to apply, BRPs can be collected by third parties (members of staff) – and the regulations have been simplified – or the student must collect the BRP themselves from the nominated post office.


What does this mean?

  1. Students should be advised to use the school post-code as the collection point for the BRP;
  2. Those schools associated with the ISC will be able to apply to have the cards delivered to the school;
  3. For those students who have a pre-sessional course, and the school issuing the CAS is a member of the ISC, they should collect the BRP from the school and not the pre-sessional provider.

Further details are to follow upon my return from Nigeria.

Posted in: Immigration Law, News