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Our Services

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Complete Outsourced Services

This service involves us taking on the responsibility of managing the whole Tier 4 process for you. We ensure that all information is accurate, up to date and professionally presented allowing your school to concentrate on recruiting and educating overseas students.

What we offer

The service is as follows:

  • We become a level 1 user, issuing CAS, on the Tier 4 licence and manage all visa applications on behalf of the school and the students. We complete all application forms, check all supporting documents and provide bespoke legal representations for every student, ensuring that the chance of a successful application is maximised.

  • Following the acceptance of an unconditional offer to attend the School, we liaise with the parent/agent/student, prepare and submit the applications, and issue CAS.

  • We maintain all records and data to ensure UKVI compliance. These are always kept contemporaneous, up to date and are available for inspection at any time (including unannounced visits). We liaise with the UKVI on all matters on behalf of the School and lead on any announced inspection. Where an inspection is unannounced, we will lead by Skype.

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Tier 4 Health Check

This service involves a one-day visit to your school. We assess how robust your current Tier 4 systems are and make suggestions on any required changes to help improve compliance. A full report is issued within 48 hours of the visit, which will outline strengths and weaknesses in the existing Tier 4 systems and suggestions on amendments and improvements.
The health check involves checking all files and data recording and ensuring the school is prepared for an unannounced inspection by the Home Office.

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Tier 4 Hotline Service

The Taylor Partnership Hotline Service is our Tier 4 helpline for school staff. We provide educational institutions with unlimited telephone and email advice on Tier 4 issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the smallest question to the need for reassurance or complex issues, the Hotline team is just a phone call or e-mail away.


Compliance Training

As one of our most popular services, these appointments tend to fill up fast.

When it comes to Tier 4 compliance, there is very little training available and school staff often have a ‘teach yourself’ approach to compliance. We offer bespoke training to suit the needs of independent schools at various venues around the country every year. The events are practical, helpful and manage to make Tier 4 interesting. Training can be delivered either at advertised seminars or can be delivered in-house.

  • Our training programs cover:

  • Developments and changes to the Tier 4 system (how they impact you and how to protect your license);

  • Ensuring compliance at all times;

  • How to effectively manage CAS and protect refusal rates;

  • Preparing for an Inspection;

Expert advice

Our training will give any staff managing the Tier 4 process the confidence to know what systems are compliant and what are not. Having represented many schools at UKVI inspections, The Taylor Partnership is uniquely placed to train school staff on Tier 4 compliance requirements. As our caseworkers submit thousands of student visa applications annually, we also offer a unique perspective into the requirements and difficulties facing students applying for Tier 4 visas to come to the UK. Attendees at our training sessions usually include registrars, marketing and business development staff, Directors of Admissions, Heads of Boarding, Headteachers and Bursars.

Team Meeting

Student Application

This service involves the school maintaining administrative control of the Tier 4 data (ensuring compliance and issues CAS) while The Taylor Partnership manage the applications of all students to ensure maximum results. We would only invite the School to issue CAS when we are confident that the application and all supporting documentation is complaint with UKVI policy guidance and the immigration rules.
Tier 4 Sponsors will be reassured that only those visa applications that can legitimately be submitted are put forward, thus protecting refusal rates and, therefore, the sponsors Tier 4 licence.