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UK Visa & Immigration Specialists

As a student, your decision as to where you wish to study and what course you choose will have an enormous impact on your future, so it’s crucial that you get it right from the beginning.

If you’re travelling to a new culture in another part of the world, you want to be able to concentrate on studying and building friendships without having to worry about the bureaucracy of immigration rules.

Visa Application Assistance

Here at The Taylor Partnership, we take away the task of dealing with the Home Office so you can concentrate on studying and fulfilling your ambitions. We can assist in the submission of visa applications anywhere in the world and can assist in making applications in the UK to extend visas.

If you need advice on which school or college to attend, our extensive and close links with them across the UK means that we are ideally placed to help.

Supporting your future

In addition to this, once you’ve finished your academic career, we can also assist you in assessing your options for future stay in the UK as a worker or investor. You can see an outline of the process on the Student Flow Chart page.