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Tier 2 Work visas

Tier 2 is the route through which UK employers can recruit and employ non-EEA nationals and through which the employee applies for their visa.



The UKVI adopts a tough stance on illegal working. If you are found to be employing staff that do not have legitimate immigration status, you can be fined up to £20,000.

You must, therefore, have a Tier 2 licence. An application is made to the UKVI and you must be able to demonstrate not only that you comply with Right to Work legislation but also have robust management procedures in place to ensure that migrant workers comply with the terms of their visa. As a Tier 2 sponsor you will be responsible for your employees and any change in circumstances would have to be reported to the UKVI.

As a Tier 2 sponsor you would request the number of Certificates of Sponsorship that you need from UKVI. A Certificate of Sponsorship can be given to a potential non EEA employee – who is already in the UK – who will use the “Certificate” (in fact it is a 14 digit number) in his/her visa application.

Depending on the existing immigration status of the employee, you may have to carry out a Resident Labour Market Test. For others, such as Tier 4 students for example, it is not required.

Employers may be able to recruit workers from outside the UK if you can legitimately demonstrate that, after carrying out the Resident Labour Market Test, there is no suitable settled candidate in the UK. In this case, you must seek a “restricted Certificate of Sponsorship” from the UKVI. The numbers of restricted CoS are subject to a monthly cap.


Our services for Employers

The Taylor Partnership can:

  1. Assist employers obtain their Tier 2 licence;
  2. Carry out a Tier 2 “health-check” to ensure that the employers policies, procedures and record keeping is compliant with the rules;
  3. Deliver training to key staff members;
  4. Act as a level 1 user to assist in the issuance of Certificates of Sponsorship and the management of Tier 2 applications



Ensuring that you have the right to work in the UK can be a life changing moment and you want the comfort that your application will be submitted accurately. The Taylor Partnership can:

  1. Liaise with your potential employer to ensure that the correct procedures have been followed by them so that they may offer you a Certificate of Sponsorship;
  2. Complete and submit your application to the UKVI;
  3. Offer expert advice on extensions, dependant relative applications and permanent residence in the UK.


Why The Taylor Partnership?

We have considerable experience in managing Tier 2 applications for both sponsors and applicants. We have worked extensively with education providers and health organisations to secure their Tier 2 licences and assist in the recruitment process.

We deliver our training – and work with our clients – without using jargon and make the sponsor and worker responsibilities easy to follow.

The Taylor Partnership always offers worry free immigration to all of its clients.